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We are in the process of starting a Trajanic Legionary reenactment group here in the currently frozen north. I have read backwards and forwards about helmet types, and i have a vague grasp of things, but frankly it's a bit of a minefield! If we have, shall we say, not yet taken part in the Dacian campiagns,( if this makes any difference) which helmets can we use ?
According to one article i read, Coolus helmets were not in use by the end of 1C, but i heard somewhere else that the Coolus G (Drusenheim) was a late 1C helmet ( at least it was being sold as such). What's the concensus of opion on that?
Adrian Petersson
Legio I Minervia pF
This has been answered many times before... do a search fo 'Trajanic helmet'(s).. :wink:
Hehe...thought it might have been, but i am new to this forum malarkey. Cheers, ade. Loved the budget Tekije terminals, btw.