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I thought it's time to start also such a thread about thracians because I think there are many of thracian reenactors outside there. Here are some pictures of me and some other members of my group:

[Image: IMG_0311.JPG]

[Image: Bild38.JPG]

[Image: Bild39.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2859.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2776.JPG]

[Image: IMG_3189]

[Image: IMG_2946.JPG]

An important duty of every thracian :mrgreen: :

[Image: IMG_0265.JPG]

How to assasinate a thracian 8) :

[Image: IMG_0674.JPG]
Pretty neat. I'd like to see more of this kind of stuff. I like those peltast style shields. Can you recommend anyone that sells or makes phrygian style hemets like the one your friend has in the picture?
Wonderful ! Thanks for posting these. It's great that you have a group doing this.

Maybe the Greek reenactment section would have been a better place for this thread but this section is a good place too.

Would like to see more photos from others, too. The more, the merrier. Smile

I have to agree with Theo. There aren't enough Thracian impressions here. I'd love to see more come out of the woodwork. Kudos to Stephan and crew! 8)
You'll recruit more reenactors with promises of abducting maidens than cutting throats. 8)
Those are very cool pictures. The caps: are they felt, or woven cloth sewn together?
In the second picture the archer is drawing his bow while wearing his shield. Was that common usage?

I'd think it would be terribly awkward. Certainly hard to sustain.
Here are some old tries of mine. I had also gathered the necessary willow for a pelte,but it never got finished. Actually never got started :-( (
[Image: DSC03159.jpg?t=1281898486][Image: DSC03149.jpg?t=1281898430][Image: DSC03157.jpg?t=1281898468]
I also believe a link to this thread should be posted in the greek section. I found this by chance!
Very nice pics Smile

If you guys and girls wish, you can contact this group for some meetings or experience exchange, they are quite enthusiastic and represent the Dacians (northern thracians Smile ) and Romans
I am not memeber of that group, but i am sure they wouldnt mind if will be presented here or have contacts with "thracian brothers", i know there are not many reenactors for this warlike peoples of ancient times Big Grin

A pic with Dacians at Trajan Column in Rome (there are lots of images from diferent events on their site)

And a clip with a battle with Romans, at Rome Smile ... r_embedded
I really like your blonde hairdo in your pictures, Gianni. :wink: :lol:
Fox fur cap?
Didn't the Thracians dye their hair blue? :?
Nono,this must have been some other peoples. This is an alopeke (fox fur) indeed. It is known that the Thracians wore the alopeke,but in some vases the tail looks not like a fox tail. More like a raccoon tail,to be honest,with alternating fair and darker lines!
Thanks for sharing this photos Confusedhock: you make my day! Big Grin
Guys you are looking AWESOME in this Thracian performance!
Some of our historian disagree about that Thracian had pelte shields but I think cultures from the different civilizations mixed so much so no one can say for certain!
Giannis, very nice foxy head! Good achievement!
My congratulation for your ideas!
Great photos! Interesting to see you have re-created one of the scenes in my book, based on Xenophon's night attack of the Thyni (incidentally I now realise that building should be rectangular, not circular) - do you think it was possible to knock the heads off the spears with a club?

Chris W
Quote:More like a raccoon tail
Is there an East European variety of the raccoon?
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