Full Version: The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire
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A new book on Byzantine warfare has just been published :

[size=150:2559jpan]The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire[/size], by Edward Luttwak. ... 333&sr=8-1

I managed to browse through a copy yesterday and the book is more comprehensive than the author's
previous book, "The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire" (1976).

Thanks Theo, a "must" buy Smile ...
Ye Gods, not another book to buy ... Cry
Although it is still on my backlog thanks to school, from what I've browsed through, it seems pretty good and I would recommend at least an inter-library loan for you Byzantine/Late Roman guys out there. The author also received input from some of the most prominent scholars on the Byzantine military, Walter Kaegi and John Haldon. I know this does not make the book infallible, but it can't hurt.
You can check out this link to Google Books.

Personally I'm not happy with the title, but then again, he wrote the other book as well, so I guess a title like 'The Grand Strategy of the other Roman Empire' would not really do.

Of course, the 'grand strategy' of the Later Roman Empire was already written, by Martijn Nicasie:
Nicasie, Martijn (1997): Twilight of Empire, the Roman Army from the Reign of Diocletian until the Battle of Adrianople, (Thesis Publishers Amsterdam).