Full Version: arrian and the alans
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question about books:

flavius arrianus made in, i thought AD 135, a report regarding his war against the alans. does somebody know where i can find a good translation in english regarding this ? (i can't speak latin)

Arrian's Greek text is translated in J.B. Campbell (no relation)'s The Roman Army, 31 BC-AD 337: A sourcebook, pp. 92ff (nos. 153 and 159).
tnx Duncan!

You can find the the Greek text and English translation here.

Another option is this book:
DeVoto, J. G. ed.: FLAVIUS ARRIANUS: TEXNH TAKTIKA (Tactical Handbook) AND EKTAXIS KATA ALANON (The Expedition Against the Alans), Chicago, 1993.

that's even better. tnx!