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Hey guys, I don't remember the title or author of this certain book, but I think I can provide a description of it. It has to do with 1st cent. Israel.

I'm hoping this was from the cover, but I remember seeing an image of the Temple Mount, facing North, from the south-west corner. In this shot were a few Auxiliaries with Celtic shields. Lots of Jewish people wearing Clavi (I hope thats right) walking around. Maybe this was the back cover? Anyone know what book this is? Thanks so much! This time around, I'll make sure to bookmark it!
yes! thank you! is that a pretty good book?
Excellent book. It shows a number of pieces of clothing from En Gedi, etc., and shows Connolly's research on the construction of the Temple and other structures in Jerusalem. Also Masada and other fortresses. The Gauls you remember are Herod's personal guards, to keep his loving subjects from killing him!

I have an older edition, with the snappy title "Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth". So if you can't find a copy under "The Holy Land", try that instead. I think the content is the same.