Full Version: My plumbata. Looking for advice.
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I've recently made a handfull of plumbata. I tried to make them as accurately as possible, but some things I was not able to replicate. Most notably was the tip. I don't have a way to make a barbed head, and my experiments with arrow heads lead to a lot of them being lost in the ground after I retrieve them. I had to use a simple metal rod instead for the metal shank.

Here's a link to my Flickr set: [url:3bllume3][email protected]/sets/72157622091632489/[/url]

I'm turning to you all, the experts, to critique my work. How can I make mine more historically accurate? What areas can I improve?

I do have another question, as well. When exactly were these fearsome weapons used? I've seen "the late empire" all over the place, but when does that translate to approximately in years? About when are some of the recovered plumbata dated?