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i have a question regarding the roman marines of the classis germanica. i've built myself a marine costume for reenacting but one question remains unanswered.

i'm wondering if they wore a hamata during service. i see most that most reenactors wear a hamata when they play a marine. however, i'm really asking myself if this is historically correct. i really wonder because they might sink with it...

does somebody have a clue on this one?
The guys on the Actium relief wear loricae; the two men from Athens don't. So I think anything goes, although I do not know whether the Mediterranean is a valid comparandum for the Classis Germanica.
[Image: actium2.jpg]
There is an old saying in the military your's is not to reason why your only here to do or die, and if we remember an awful lot of poor marines died on the beaches of Normandy.
I was not trying to be rude just now but I think from the military point of view most soldiers or marines would have to be kitted out in some form of armour, therefore I do think that chainmail may well have been the gear a marine would have worn I'm not sure of course on any reference to this however.
I also think there might well indeed have been tragic situations for soldiers even then, but then such is the life of a soldier in any period of time.
tnx i'll put the hamata on then.