Full Version: Ruspina question
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Does anyone know where the road south from Ruspina went? (I mean the one J C was marching along with his 30 cohorts when he came across Metellus Scipio and nearly came unstuck.) I'm looking for the name of a town if possible. :?
Many thanks.
Roads south from Ruspina (modern Monastir) would have either followed the coast around to Leptis Minor, or headed slightly more inland towards Uzitta, which lay a bit less than ten miles from Ruspina.

Caesar was engaged in foraging at the time he met Scipio, and so probably wasn't on his way anywhere specific. He was only three miles from camp at the time, although this was almost a third of the way to Uzitta...

- Nathan
Thanks Nathan. I knew that Caesar was only foraging, but as I've got a chapter about the battle in my latest book, I needed to know where the road headed so I can say 'the road to...Uzitta...or Leptis Minor'!