Full Version: Who Supplied Roman Military Equipment
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I wanted to look into Roman military equipment supply throughout Roman history. Does anyone have any recommendations for primary or secondary sources through which I might be able to begin my search?
"The Later Roman Empire 284-602" by AHM Jones.

"The Complete Roman Army" by Adrian Goldsworthy.

Try these:

Bishop M.C. The military fabrica and the production of arms in the early principate // The Production and Distribution of Roman Military Equipment / British Archaeological
Reports Series. Vol. 275. Oxford: BAR Reports, 1985.

James S. The fabricae: state arms factories of the Late Roman Empire // Military Equipment and the Identity of Roman Soldiers. Proceedings of the Fourth Roman
Military Equipment Conference/ British Archaeological Reports Series. Vol. 394. Oxford: BAR Reports, 1988.

Fulford M. The organization of legionary supply: the Claudian invasion of Britain // Roman Fortresses and their Legions / ed. Brewer R.J.L., 2000.

MacMullen R. Inscriptions on armor and the supply of arms in the Roman Empire // American Journal of Archaeology. 1960. Vol. 64.

Rathbone D. Military finance and supply // The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Verboven K. Good for business. The Roman army and the emergence of a 'business class' in the northwestern provinces of the Roman empire // The Impact
of the Roman Army (200 BC–AD 476): Economic, Social, Political, Religious and Cultural Aspects (Proceeding of the 6th workshop of the network Impact of
empire. Capri 2005). Leiden–Boston: Brill, 2007.

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On this topic do any of the references mentioned or others (I have Goldsworthy and the Cambridge History Greek and Roman Warfare) actually provide information on equipment quality? Specifically I am interested in knowing if there was a decline in the quality of manufactures from the early empire to late antiquity to the early medieval period and this was tested on actual artifacts recovered. I don't know how such a thing could be measured since I know nothing about metallurgy. Perhaps greater levels of impurities etc

Also is there any information on when the western empire stopped supplying the military from its weapons factories: fabricae? I cant recall having seen anything in the material I have read, so any guidance here would be appreciated.