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Does anyone have access to recent issues of the Society of Ancients' “Slingshot” magazine? I'm trying to locate an article by David Karunanithy on Hellenistic standards from issue 246 (May 2006).

No library on the Canadian interlibrary loan system subscribes, and the SoA won't sell back issues to non-members. The author's website is down so I can't contact him.
I have found a way to buy back issues from the SoA, so nevermind.
Hi! I am also looking for this article, does it have any interesting conclusion? do you know if it is available online? I tryie to contact the author through their web page, but the contact form doesn't work

Thank you very much
Hi Nearco,

You can buy that year's issues of Slingshot from the Society of Ancients for a moderate fee (10 GBP plus shipping and handling I think). After some back and forth, they decided they could sell to non-members. I don't think they sell PDFs. Basically, it has illustrations and short discussions of all the images of Hellenistic standards which Karnunathy was aware of, plus a discussion of the written evidence. He concludes that these standards were borrowed from the Persians towards the end of Alexander's reign and resembled the later vexilla. Its a relatively short article.
Thank you very much for the info Sean, there is also an article by Fernando Quesada (Thersites in this Forum) about Banners in antiquity, it is in spanish, but if you want I can send it to you.

Thank you!