Full Version: Warrior of Rome, King of Kings
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Over the weekend I read Harry Sidebottom's second novel, "Warrior of Rome, King of Kings". Dealing with the period 256-260 AD we follow Ballista through Imperial politics and desert warfare.

As one reviewer said, "historical fiction for grown-ups".
Given the timespan, is the Battle of Edessa (260 AD) included?
Kept it short and simple :lol:

Could you give us a short commentary about or a link to a review, please?
Well, I'm trying not to give anything away. The book may not have a cheerful ending........

However, I am more for the Sassanians ... :mrgreen:

I was greatly enjoying Pt. I, however, was somewhat disturbed by the cliches about the Sassanians.
Hi Guys,

I've ordered a copy and am looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first volume much more than I thought I would - such a lurid cover!