Full Version: Roman kitchenware
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Hello all

I am looking to make some Roman kitchenware but have so far been unable to find much on the internet save a few images of a ladle and some knives. Can anyone either point me in the direction of some books that detail in pictures Roman kitchenware finds or better still anything on the internet that I can get a look at?

I am uncertain what books are available that might be able to show me what I am after, so any help you can offer would be gratefully recieved.

All the best and my thanks

Here are a few books I have but if you go to most excavated site reports they have a load of domestic ware that has been found.
Food In Roman Britian; Joan.P.AlcockISBN 0 7524 1924 2
Antiquities of Roman Britian; Published BM 1966
Roman Glass in Britian; Denise Allen (Shire) ISBN 0 7478 0373 0
These are just a selection but I do beleive they are lots of books out there that can help, and you are in the right place to ask this ? on this wonderful Forum, as someone will be far better to put you in the right direction Big Grin
Regards Brennivs Big Grin