Full Version: New Scarrow in August
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New Scarrow book coming out in August- The Gladiator. Thats my beach reading sorted... ... s_ir_all_4

[Image: 51N85NBSTqL._SL500_AA240_.jpg]
I'm chomping at the bit for this one. Very fun reading, are the adventures of Macro and Cato.
Is Centurion the first in his series? I've just started it but it is quite vauge in the forward as to the other books it mentions order of print...... :?

But looks like its going to be pretty good.
Centurion is the last in the series untill Gladiator is available. I reccomend reading the others in the series before finishing Centurion.
arghhh, which book is first?
Numero Uno is Under The Eagle.
Thanks, it was just getting interesting, but will survive...I'll have forgotten all about the beginning in a few months... :roll: :oops:
How is it? I have read all the books so I'm waiting to get my hands on this one Big Grin

Is it good as some of the previous ones? Better? Or should I just wait for the small paperback? Tongue
THE GLADIATOR is now out in paperback!

An absolutely fantastic read! ... 396&sr=1-1