Full Version: New Byzantine lamellar armour found in Spain
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New Byzantine lamellar armour found in Spain: ... ue/current

And... yes, this one is in English... Big Grin
Sorry, but i can´t find any english word! Maybe i make a mistake?
Click on the bottom-most link:

The pdf is in English.
Currently, with my PC being repaired, and being unable to read PDF´s with my Wii...
Sigh. I´ll have to wait... Sad

!Que mala suerte!

Perhaps the Museo de Armería de Alava has got the volume...I´ll try this afternoon.

Even with this, thanks, Thersites Wink
Thanks, Fernando ! Big Grin

I'd give you a 'karma' point if I could !

Very interesting paper. I had no idea Byzantine-era remains had been discovered in Spain. Nor did I think it likely they'd survive given the limited time they were in the peninsula. I'm very interested in lamellar armor from this exact period.