Full Version: Roman Auxiliary Forts 27 BC-AD378 Duncan Campbell
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An exellent introduction to the subject and perhaps the best in the recent Osprey series on Roman forts. Duncan Cambell has resisted the temptation to cram the book with the usual British subjects and right from the very start we are granted a rare image of a fort in Spain!

Thankfully the reconstructions of the forts, apart from paintings of a stable and bath house buildings, lack the cut aways that are usually so small in the rest of the series or which disappear down the gutter making them practically worthless.

The late Roman fort at Qasr Bashir in Jordan would make an ideal subject for a small scale model. While a nice touch is to show comparitive fort plans in scale with a football pitch!

The range of fort plans makes nonsense of the generally held belief that all Roman forts followed the same design and layout and this is reflected in the interesting selection of reconstructions.

Why, Graham, you could be a salesman for this book! All right. All right. All right. 8) I'll buy one.
Quote:... a nice touch is to show comparative fort plans in scale with a football pitch!
I must admit I'm pleased I added the football pitch -- I think it works well. (I could pretend that it's Anfield, but in truth it's Stamford Bridge! Big Grin They're much the same size, as you probably know.)

Quote:All right. All right. All right. 8) I'll buy one.
I'm counting on it, David. Big Grin
I have this already, and agree, it is good to see a variety of fort locations.
It is interesting to see some of the reconstructions that have been done on the continent too.
Does this cover very much of the eastern Roman Empire, Judea, Syria, etc.? Thanks. I know this is a really old thread, but can't seem to find a "Contents" page anywhere. Sometimes Amazon will let us look at a few pages, but on this one. Thanks
Which "football pitch"?

A Football field or football pitch may refer to the playing areas of several codes of football:

Association football pitch
American football field
Australian rules football playing field
Canadian football field
Gaelic football playing field
Rugby league playing field
Quote:... the football pitch ... it's Stamford Bridge!

Quote:Which "football pitch"?

This one: