Full Version: Cato\'s Carthage should Crumble!
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A while ago there was a thread about Cato's supposedly famous quote, what the exact quote was, etc.<br>
Last Thursday I attended a lecture where this quote was mentioned. The guy doing the lecture remarked that this famous quote, like some other well known ones, is actually an early 19th century invention! German Classicists wanting to write better Latin than Romans Which also explains why there is no single original version: it does not exist.<br>
The only ancient source referring to something of the source is Plutarch, who wrote in his biography of Cato (in Greek) that he said "Dokei de moi kai Karchedona mè einai" or in English: "I think Carthage should not exist." <p>Greets<br>


..There goes another generally accepted idea..<br>
I was the one that came up with the question. Thanks for the answer. <p></p><i></i>
If memory serves wasn't the quote:<br>
Carthago delenda est- Carthage is to be destroyed <p></p><i></i>
Well, that's the famous quote, that isn't. The lecturer said that the reason there are different versions (also e.g.: Carthaginem delendam esse) is just because it was made up, sometimes in different versions all over the world.<br>