Full Version: Roman fake coins
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Does someone sell them? Not replicas, but the ones intended to pass as originals.
It may be a quite curious collection :o and cheaper than collecting Roman era forgeries.
The items you are decribing sound very much like forgeries.
What is it you are referring to? Imitation coins, or faked antiques? :?
I think Iagoba refers to ancient forgeries. They are referred to as 'barbarous' in the literature I think - counterfit money. Britain had a good deal of these circulating in Late Roman times (an argument for the case of a continuing money economy after the Western mints stopped coining 'real' money).
Ahh, thanks Robert. OK, I understand now.
I seem to recall someone talking about this very subject not so long ago, was there not a thread about this, or at least this subject was mentioned in a thread.......... ?:?
I don't think original counterfeit money will necessarily be cheaper. Couple of years ago, I visited the BAM, which is our state institute for materials research and testing. Our guide told us they had a job, to verify the authenticity of some ancient coins, but they just weren't able to do this.
In the end it turned out that they had some thousand years old counterfeits.
And this fact that would have made these coins entirely worthless back then, achieved the opposite today. In fact the value rose so much that the BAM couldn't even afford (or maybe wasnt willing) to pay the insurance for the deposition of these coins and they were glad when they could give them back to the owner.