Full Version: "Marcus Aurelius" by Frank McLynn
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Just finished "Marcus Aurelius. Warrior, Philosopher, Emperor" by Frank McLynn, first major biography of this enigmatic emperor since Anthony Birley:

Hardcover: 704 pages
Publisher: The Bodley Head Ltd (5 Mar 2009)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0224072927
ISBN-13: 978-0224072922
Product Dimensions: 23.6 x

I must say that it was a very good read, one of those books you hope will never end :wink: ! Some controversial theories, yes, but the author`s knowledge especially on stoicism and the philosophical currents of the age of Marcus Aurelius is immense, in fact this is a book about Marcus "the philosopher" first of all. The author takes in my opinion a very balanced view and avoids the temptation of writing a "hagiography" about him. In short it is a book about Marcus Aurelius "the human", warts and all. Well, maybe a bit too sympathetic a view for some but anyway...

It can be a bit heavy going sometimes when diving in the undercurrents of the intellectual thought of the second century (gnosticism etc.) but VERY rewarding to read. Anyway this is a good read in my opinion, laudes to Frank :wink: !
I have it , but haven't gotten started on it yet.
A few other books on the go :roll: