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Hello Everybody!

Damien Glad alias Sylvanus D'Illyrie on the forum (Armes et guerriers aux temps des grandes invasions), famous Herculiani's member actuel second-président, doctor on progress, CNRS member society, school of Louvre professor, Pontifex Maximus ect... ect... talk about the new parution of his book:

BAR S1921, 2009 "Origine et diffusion de l’équipement défensif corporel en Méditerranée orientale (IVe-VIIIe s.) Contribution à l’étude historique et archéologique des armées antiques et medievales" by Damien Glad. Archaeological Studies on Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Europe (400-1000A.D.), series edited by J. López Quiroga, P. Pergola, P. Perin, G. Vannini, Monographs II. ISBN 978 1 4073 0246 1. £39.00. (56 Euros 80)

(Lot of pictures and reenactement Herculiani illustrations...)

Where order the book:

and here:

See you!!!
Damien D (Les Herculiani)
I just wished my French was better..... Cry