Full Version: The Alamanni and Rome 213-496 (Caracalla to Clovis)
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The Alamanni and Rome 213-496 (Caracalla to Clovis)
John F Drinkwater
ISBN10: 0199295689 ISBN13: 9780199295685
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: illustrated edition
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 25 Jan 2007

Someone has an opinion of this book?

Review = ... /2OAGYsQWw
I was very impressed - would not hesitate to recommend it but it isn't a light read.
If it's John Drinkwater, I'd certainly expect it to be good. Haven't seen any reviews, though.
Hi Duncan,
Quote: Haven't seen any reviews, though.
Then you missed the link provided in the original message :wink: , which is to quite an in-depth review:
Quote:Review = ... /2OAGYsQWw
...firsthand I'd like to thank S Severus for bringing this book to my attention.
(Laudes, like they used to "say" in the old forum :wink: )
And even more so for also posting the link to a review of that book.
But seriously, the review got me a bit into headscratching -- so to speak. :?
Since I read :
Quote:.......Valentinian launched a campaign over the Rhine and
established fortifications on the river and east of it, one at Mons
Piri--now Bierhelder Hof in Rohrbach near Heidelberg. The successor of
Vithicabius was ......
So far so good ??
Is it really so that John F. Drinkwater is referring to Otto Klaus Schmich "Mons Piri -- Ein spätrömischer Heerlager beim Bierhelder Hof ? " Heidelberger Geschichtsverein Jahrbuch Nr. 8 2003/2004 Seite 139ff ??
(Otto Klaus Schmich "Mons Piri -- A late roman military camp near the Bierhelder Hof ?" Heidelberg Historical Club No. 8, 2003/2004 pp139on)
Well in that case I'm not quite sure whether he read that essay at all.
For those who are interested in it (=building their own opinion) and are willing and able to read German I'd post that one by PM.
My opinion on that case (Klaus Schmich) : "De mortuis nisi nil bene" :|



P.S [url:2ek6l0ei],M1[/url] See page 50-53 ---- I think that is a tad more reasonable: Scharf tried to locate Mons Piri not too far from Mogontiacum. His main arguments here are that Ammianus mentions allamannic nobility but no king here. The Romans may have "done away with" the local king of the Bukinobants as they did before with the king of the Brisigavii further south . They used the "vacuum of powers" here before and they tried to repeat it here, according to Scharf.