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I think this journal ( Journal of Roman Military equipment studies) is one of the most interesting , but unfortunately is very hard to find some past issues.
Is there anybody who knows how to have them ?
Did you search in the library of universities near your home. The archaeological department or the central library of the university should have it, so you can make copies of the most important articles or copy everything.

Or try ebay and amazon or something like this and other antiquariatic bookshops.
thanks, I wrote some weeks ago but simply they do not answer.
Oxbow Books (and David Brown Books in the USA) are the distributors for JRMES and, if a volume is in print, they will have it.

Changes are afoot with JRMES in the coming year, with a move to it being subscription based and volumes 14/15 and 16 appearing in the next few months and then ... but more of all that when the time is right.

A quick check shows that volumes 3, 4, 5, 7, and 11/12 are on offer from Oxbow's website. As for their incommunicativeness (which some would say is legendary ;-) just keep trying - eventually they will respond.

Mike Bishop
sounds good, thanks , Mike.
Sadly some issues I'm looking for are not in the list , but I'm going to order the others.