Full Version: Which legion?
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Does anyone happen to know which legion(s) was/were stationed in Antioch around 337-341 AD (time of Constantius II)? And what their emblems were.

The reason I am asking is - I may have mentioned that I do a lot of identification of Roman (and ancient Greek) coins. There are many very common types and on one coin of the type "soldiers and standards" a coin was discovered and identified by myself as having bulls' heads on the standards. The coin had an Arles mintmark, which fit quite well, because Legio VIII, whose emblem was a bull, was stationed in the Arles area when the coin was struck.
Well, another coin of this type has now cropped up but from the mint of Antioch, struck by Constantius II (note: not Constantine II). There is an emblem on the banner which looks rather like a v-shaped bunch of grapes or a fruit, two leaves sticking out to the left and right on the top of it, and a short vertical stalk above it, in the centre. It isn't a bull's head (unless the vertical line is the top part of the "mast"), so I was wondering whether anyone knew of a legion stationed in the area with an emblem which would match this description ?

this is as close as I can get to it using keyboard characters.

Thanks for any information anyone can give !