Full Version: was cork (the material) used???
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I am certain that I have read (somewhere) that cork was used as a stopper/ lid on amphorae
and other bottles in the ancient era but I am being told that I must be dreaming. 'They' say that cork lids are not used until the 17th century ce.
Can anybody wake me from this nightmare of doubt and likely delusion? :roll:
richard robinson
miles minimus
I do'nt know about the use of cork, but i have found some wooden stoppers, made probably with a lathe.
Can't say yes or no specifically for stoppers, but FWIW cork was definitely used for the soles of slippers in the 2nd cent. AD (if not earlier).
George Taber wrote in "To Cork or Not to Cork", 2007, Simon & Schuster:

"Cork has been found in Roman shipwrecks dating from the Fifth century BC through the Fourth century AD." He goes on to comment that the corks were not like we know them today. These were large pices of raw bark fitted to the mouth of the amphora and held in place by resin. Wines that were to be kept for aging, had cork stoppers sealed with clay or cement