Full Version: Is this a movie or documentary? I dont speak German...
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To all you German speaking folks, please help! I'm dying to find out what these images are from! I tried a translation site, but there doesn't seem to be enough info there to track down what these images are from... does anyone recognize them? well thanks, and here it is: ... 15456.html
It is an article about a TV documentary.
did it give a title?
It was part of a TV series called "Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire." This particular one was called Rebellion and dealt with the story of Flavius Josephus and the Jewish Rebellion. Information on the show can be found at :
The web link to Ancient Rome The rise and Fall of Empire is just a bit incorrect about the Empreror Nero for he did not die until June the 9th 68
thanks guys!
You might not be able to read German but the Babelfish can Big Grin

It will translate whole pages, not perfectly, but enough so you can get the gist of what is being said.

Hope it helps.

Matt Webster