Full Version: 9th International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidaso
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Salvete Omnes!

Quote:The Oiasso Roman Museum of Irun presents the 9th International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidasoa, that will be celebrated days 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of November of 2009. The Festival aim is to present Archaeology to the general public, through the diffusion of audio-visual material resulted from the work made by archaeologist, assuring the promotion and the spreading of these films.

Registration is open until 30th of May.

The conditions of entry and the entry form are available in: IX FICAB

More information:
Oiasso Roman Museum

Eskoleta, 1 - 20302 IRUN
Tel.: +34 943 63 93 53 - - [email protected]

The The Oiasso Roman Museum is situated in Irus in the Basque Country. A fantastic museum and well wort a visit if your ever near San Sebastian or Biarritz.