Full Version: Hannibal?
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Was chatting with a friend and we got onto Hannibal, specifically if he would have ridden an elephant in battle. My personal feeling was no, he'd be on horseback like those before him who followed the Alexander the Great model, like Pyrrhus and Demetrius. Plus he'd lost his elephants early in the campaign.<br>
I was just wondering if you guys had any info on historical proof of Carthaginian generals fighting from elephants, ala Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, etc? <p></p><i></i>


That is an excellent question. The first answer most people would give you was that he rode an elephant because they were the heart of his army.But this is entirely untrue. I know for a fact that he rode a horse. No leader would be foolish enough to ride atop an elephant. If your troops began to rout you would have an extremely slim chance of escaping. Hannibal had this in mind at all times, as he swore he would never die by Roman hand.<br>
Hope this helps <br>