Full Version: Good Roman Research Sites
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Hey all, I'm writing a very large paper for one of my classes on the Romans. I'm still in need of some great online sources the go into deep detail on Roman history, culture, government, military, and just about everything else. So if you have any good site, please post links here.

HERE ARE A FEW GOOD SITES I HAVE FOUND. (On just about every detail about Romans) (Lists the Emperors and some history) ... oryID=ac58 ( A decent history) (lists of battles, emperors, and coin info)
Has anyone noticed this topic? I'm in need of your massive knowledge!
Hey Dudicus! Glad to hear from you! is what I go to every time I log onto RAT lol.
I guess I've never been to the .net version before. I think I've been to livius too.

I'll post some more good stuff sometime when I find it, I need to get writing pretty soon. I wonder if I could post the paper on here. Is there a limit to the size of a post do you know? I anticipate it will be pretty huge.

Thanks though

Just found a really great site

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