Full Version: Evidence for hauberks tied around the knees?
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What's the evidence for hauberk skirts being tied around the knees? A disagreement over images in the Bayeux tapestry: I think it's way of representing the split in the hauberk, as long tunics without a partition are shown as "skirts." Will reconsider if there's evidence and reasoning for the practice. Any accounts of Norman mercenaries or Varangians doing this?
First I would say that this is a very strange forum to pick for such a question. :?

Second there is much conjecture on the tapestry content but the only evidence I can give is as a long time reenactor - if you are on horseback you DO NOT want mail between you and the saddle! (not if you want skin on your thighs)

If you are on foot, however, then having your mail tied around your thighs may give extra protection from attacks to your vulnerable femoral artery.

In combat one goes for the arteries for a quick kill, neck arteries covered by coif, arm arteries by shield and bindings so the thigh artery is the vulnerable one.

My theory but a simple one.