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Hi all!

I have read something about a book called "antike helme" wich contains a lot of info about greek helmets that are in museums in Germany. The book was published in 1989. Anyone know's something about this book? I bought recently "weapons of Rome and Greece" by Fernando Quesada, nice book, but I want some more detailed info about archeological discoveries.

thank you very much
If it's information on Hellenistic helmets you're after, then Antike Helme by Markus Egg and Hellenistische Helme by Petros Dintsis are the two best works to consult. Egg's book collects only actual helmets in German collections, which means that many unfortunately are only roughly dated and unprovenanced; Dintsis' collects visual representations and actual helmets and sets them into a typology. Both books are very good, but Dintsis' is superior. Egg's book is not hard to find I think, but Dintsis' is and is very expensive to boot (there's a copy on Abebooks for $536).
Thank you very much for your help!

More than 500 € Confusedhock: , it is almost as expensive as the own armor! Anyway it must be a wonderful resource.

Thanks again Big Grin