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I was wondering if any of you might be able to enlighten me as to Greek / Macedonian fashion in and around 40 - 31 BC? Specifically hair and beard styles of the upper echelon.


Hi Phillip. At that late time the beards were much more rare than in the classical times,even for the older men. Alexander obliged his soldiers to shave. This doesn't mean that all hellenistic soldiers did,but from iconography we sure notice that beards become rarer and rarer. Hair also become much shorter. Short curly hair is what is usually shown.
Beards are not that long as before,but still longer than the average modern day style. The ancient mustache was also longer and "separate" from the beard,something also not so frequent today.
Considering that at the time a number of the remainig equestrian class had done service in the Roman Cavalry some "Roman" features had been integrated in the "Greek" appearence.
Same might apply for the Cretan archers.
Giannis is right about the scarcity of beards-most scalptures in the National Museum in Athens agree with him.
I might add that the carbatina and "boot style" footware are on the increase.

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