Full Version: documentary about the Battle of the Teutoburger Forest
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This is a rather new production for Bavarian TV. It was broadcasted last week and I thought some of you might want to see it, it's surely better than the usual stuff (but entirely in German, sorry). I've cut it into 9 parts (about 5 minutes each). Narrator is Marcus Junkelmann.

Part one: [url:2yhqwlk4][/url]
(the following parts are linked below)
Thanks Hadrian. Appreciate your efforts. Already watched the first part.
Any comments on the accuracy of the kit? Maybe there's too much of a mix of all helmet types possible (montefortino, coolus/hagenau, imperial gallic/weisenau), though it's all in the timeframe, I think (If I was one of the soldiers, I probably would get complexes, if I only had a montefortino, while others already wear a weisenau-helmet). Sorry for the blurry picture-quality, I suck at this...
I, for one, enjoyed watching it, even if my German is very limited. Some of it was a little too dark to see much detail, but, hey, to be able to see it at all is a bonus for me, here in the USA.
Regarding the mix of kit - since we now know that the lorica segmentata was already in use at that early date, it is okay to see legionaries wearing it. I'm not going to be too picky on the "type". The same goes with the helmet mixes. I read the credits at the end, and apparently Legio XXII Primigenia provided the Roman soldiers - they did as best they could to convey an idea of what the Roman army meant by "uniform"-everyone had a helmet, body armour, etc. - but certainly were not identical/uniform in our modern sense, and in fact quite varied in appearance - remember this was now a professional long-service army.
Thanks for making it available.
That was a nice docco to watch. Junkelmann sounded a bit 'hesitant' at times though, as if he did not practise his line beforehand..
Quote:Any comments on the accuracy of the kit?
Too few 1st c. BC, too much 1st-2nd c. AD. But it was not disturbing or anything. The Germanics looked good imho.
It will be shown again on BR Alpha next Saturday:
7:15 - 8:00 pm
Die Varusschlacht
Wie die Legionen untergingen


it will maybe land on the mediathek of this TV channel: ... bccode=bfs
And the New Ulm, Minnesota event of the recreation is winding down as I write this. Here's hoping they produce some video and photo documentation.

I don't have TV cable, so can't get the documentary here. Hmph. One of the shortcomings of living in a rural area.