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Hi guys - I've run this post by Jasper, so although it's spam, it's spam with the seal of here goes...

Voting has opened in the David Gemmell Legend Award, and my novel "Gladiatrix" has been nominated.

Its like the X-Factor of Heroic Fantasy Novels, and I'm hoping to be the comedy fat-bloke that gets the humour votes (making me the Rick Waller of Heroic Fantasy I guess).

The original concept was to have a public vote and then a judging panel for the top five voted for by the public, but now its a two-leg vote off. So if I get through, this annoying message will come through again in April…

Given that most of the people on the list are famous and popular they don't need a vote - but I do, striking a blow for the independent authors and publishers against the big boys. Literally striking a blow as if I get enough clicks and make it to the awards ceremony as there might be free beer and I've heard that these literary types can get ugly after a few too many glasses of the vino-collapso.

Here is the blurb

and here is the poll

Click on Gladiatrix by Russell Whitfield.

Go on, you know you want to. Even if you think the others are better....

Please do forward this on to your contacts if you can.

Cheers all

Hey no reason not to stack the ballot--professional politicians do it all the time (which is why they're professional, not occasional, right?)
every little helps....
My vote is in. Where's my bribe?
(heh, just kidding. :lol: :wink: )
Caesar requires a bribe up front....... :lol:
That's not a bribe, it's rightful tribute. Gee.
Say...wait minute here -- Caesar was a champion of the people of the "little guy" so you should not only be voting but should actually spend your money to get out the vote.

So come on Gaius, lead the way and rally the troops.


what Narukami said!

(thanks guys for you help with all this)


True, but only as long as there is someone richer to finance my over spending and cover my debt!
Uh, oh, now we're really getting "modern", eh?
Got my vote (though I had to check to make sure that my wife (NM Browne) wasn't on the list before I voted!!!
Again, thanks guys
got mine too. Success!
Got my vote, although I see the Ten Thousand is up there too, so....
I'll accept tallant's of gold in multiples of ten, thanks very much!!! :wink: :lol:
I love "The Ten Thousand" it's full of ace and awesome
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