Full Version: Olympische Forschungen
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Does anyone out there have copies of the books in this series? I just got Band 29 (weapons) as an early Xmas present, and now (I don't read German) I'd like to know if there's more. Armour? Shields?

I went to the Walter de Gruyter Website and there SEEMS to be a title called "Argive Shields" and another called "Archaic Shield emblems and designs."

Website is

If anyone owns all these books, I'd appreciate some comments before I spend hundreds of dollars. If someone else speaks German and could at least translate the series titles, that would help.

As a teaser, the volume I now own (Die Angriffswaffen Aus Olympia) (Offensive Weapons at Olympia) has over three hundred original Saurauters illustrated. as well as many hundreds of arrowheads, more than a dozen swords, at least a hundred spear heads...

I don't speak a word of German (okay, now I know one word, angriffswaffen) but this book has already overturned things that I thought that I knew about Greek spears and saurauters. So--what other books are there in this series?


And finally, anyone want to start translating this? I suspect that it would be a public service for reenactors. I may try to pay a translator here in Canada, at least to do the swords part.
The Olympishe verstugen were a series of publications put out by German archaeological researches in Olympia I am unaware if they are still being produced but i think they have been going for a very long time. Getting hold of past copies is somewhat of a challenge, I needed one for my research and i ended up finding a copy through an internet site from Maine! and yes they are all in German.

I recommend Bibloz (no affiliation) for traking down old copies
There is a preview of Band IV on Google: ... r=#PPP1,M1

If you get a hold of the book containing aspis images, I'd love some scans.
You're on. I'll buy it in February, I expect.
Band 21, by E. Kunze, is on greaves (Beinschienen). I have seen it referred to as the foremost work on the development of greaves in the Greek world, but I have not personally consulted it.

If you have access to interlibrary loans, these are all widely available within North America. I've placed a loan on the offensive weapon, shield, and greaves ones, and I'll post my impression or some scans when I receive them.
Thanks. that's the kind of info I was looking for. At 145$ a piece, I really need to know.