Full Version: Good News from C.U.T.
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....dunno whether you all already know this, but the Xanten folks have "souped up" their website considerably in the meantime:
then: "System mit Filmen starten"
(Flash-plugin needed though. Also in English and in "Grafieken worden geladen" -- click somewhere in the uppermost right corner for that :wink: If the pictures are not bright enough you can improve this by moving the bar at "Topographische Karte" more rightward.)
G.G.T.C. !!!! (Great German Thumb Cinema :wink: )
Enjoy yourselves.

"Grafieken worden geladen" is Dutch Wink

Great site indeed, but it's online for some time now. Hope after this and the recent one of Köln more will follow.
...I know Jurjenius ...... :wink:
And I already knew that website, but it seemed to have changed considerably since my last visit in spring.
Since I could not find any reference to that under "Search", I though it would be worthwhile to mention it.
Now let's see what Dr. Jürgen Franssen will do to "soup up"
[url:33iwelfr][/url] (Only in German).



Ed.:Fixed the link
Thanks for the link Simplex.
A great site indeed, wish there was something similar for sites in Britain..