Full Version: Cavalry tombstone
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Dont know if this has been seen before,but I thought it worth sharing.
Thanks, Dave! But you'll find it here, and here, and here. (Long-running saga! Smile )
Haven't been around for a bit and saw it on todays news page.
Oh well,if the mods want to lock or delete this thread feel free. Smile
So, the top part is hypothetical?
Quote:So, the top part is hypothetical?
The top part? Nope -- virtually the whole thing survives, but in several parts. (Maybe someone who has the booklet can confirm?) Full publication should be in this year's Britannia if you can wait till December.

Yes, confirmed- the whole thing is original. The booklet is excellent by the way and very cheap- £5- lots of pictures of other Reiter gravestones, including the similar Ribchester cavalryman. ... 1874181470

Great that it is now on display. Must get to there soon! Big Grin
That's great! Thanx!