Full Version: Double belt questions
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I'm about to make a double belt set. On the pugio belt hangs the pugio, of course, on my left side, and the apron in the front center. Where should the buckle be, so it interferes as little as possible with the gladius belt?

The gladius belt will have plates all around, even behind the gladius (which of course fastens onto the belt with a narrow strap through the rings...). This allows me to wear just the belt if I choose, without a gladius, like for a dressy civilian impression. Where should that buckle be, when the gladius is on, and how long should the "tail" of the belts drop below the line of the belt?

I know these are bonehead questions, but they sort of suit the questioner in this case. Heh. :wink:
All right, I did the first few steps on the belt plates, and the modifications to 4 plates to make hinged pugio frogs. I have enough leather (although it will have to be in two parts sewn together, as I don't have a full length belt. No matter, the plates will cover the seam.

Since the frog will not be able to be moved once installed on the belt, I really do need some suggestions as to where to put the buckle. I'm making the apron removable, as I said before, and may have to use a baldric until I get some more plates made for the gladius belt.

Ideas anyone?
If you look at the grave stelae it seems that buckles appear quite frequently in the centre (see MC Bishops Early Imperial Apron article). If you use the loop system to hang your galdius (i.e. not hanging it from a set of frogs) the buckle can pretty much go where you please, but I found it works best on the right side. If you have a nice bling buckle centre of course would be good to show it off!
David, here's the illustration from RME2. The belt buckles are all over the place - central, right and left. My only observation about the central buckle is the belt doesn't cross over the apron belt. ... fig150.png
I was referring to this article by Bishop not RME2.

interesting to note that at least 2 out of the 4 figures have central belt buckles though in the link you posted Tarbicvs.
I think we should introduce the term 'off-centre' :wink:
I'd like to know how he managed to get his belts to hang perfectly horizontally! :lol:
Quote:I think we should introduce the term 'off-centre' :wink:

I thought we were supposed to stay off politics!
Well, money being the way it is these days, I want to be able to wear the belt with or without a gladius (which can buckle on even over plates using that small buckle strap--or with a baldric, as previously stated) and with or without the apron (which will follow later). Point is, I can't afford to make two or three belts for the different options.

I've wondered about those images with the horizontal belts, too. I suspect that may be artistic license (like the fellow's ears!), or maybe they had some kind of hangar hook on their tunic/hamata/segmentata. I don't know.

Mine never does stay horizontal, it is lower in the front, and lower on the side that has the heavier weight...the first due to body shape, the second that irresistible gravity force. I was proposing a fairly long tail on the belt, but these don't all seem to be that design.

Should I leave only a very short tongue? That would allow more choices in buckle placement. The buckle is one of the Deepeeka versions.