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As the reenactment 'season' is over for our group, I'm going to make some things this autumn/winter, for example: a subarmalis.

Now, I'm going to do it the way Marcus Mummius Falco (Jef P.) of my group Legio XI did it. I've been looking around on RAT, the site of Legio XX (Handbook for the Legionaire) and many others... but for some more ideas (as far as that's possible for such piece of equipment, lol), I'd like to see everyone's subarmalis!
I remember a topic called "Show your furca", so why not the subarmalis? Big Grin

(If you post pictures, you might post one with and one without your lorica? Might be an idea.)

Sander here is a look at mine.

I sort of quickly tossed it on my armor stand. I'd love to tell you I made it and did it all myself, but Rusty Meyers/Soul of the Warrior came up with the design. Its made of 3OZ leather and the bottom two row of ptreuges are detachable.

If you want more pictures, shoot me a PM and I can send them over to you.
here it is with a hamata over it. All done rather quick, but it should give you an idea. I also just finished adding neat's foot oil to it when I took the picture. Since then, the oil has spread out nicely in the leather, giving it a nice even light brown color to it. Give me about two two and I'll have some decent photos of me in full kit.

Sorry to go OT here, but is that a DSC riveted hamata?
Looks like what I am after, but forgot to get back to them.
Very nice! How do you attach/detach the pteryges?
I'll happily answer the questions in the order received.

You are absolutely correct that the hamata is a DSC 6mm reveted hamata. I worked with Rusty Meyers at Soul of the Warrior and DSC on it. If you want, I would be happy to shoot over to you on email the various pictures I have of it.

The bottom two rows attach and secure to the vest portion of the subarmalis via Velcro/hook pile tape. The Velcro/hook pile tape is stitched on and can easily be removed to allow for a more traditional sewn method of attachment. We went with the Velcro option as it allows for minimum work to get a custom fit, and it makes it easy to detach if you do not want to wear the bottom two rows with say a segmentata.

One of the immediate accidental benefits I noticed with the current method of attachment for the lower two rows of ptreuges was the immediately noticeable amount of lower back support it offered much like a modern weight lifters belt.

[Image: P4170001.JPG]
That would be really cool Mike! I have been wanting one like that for ages,
and would appreciate any pics!

Thanks in advance!! Smile
This is what we gravitate towards: ... attern.jpg
Can you show a photo, I can't view the link Hib.
Hmmm, seems I misplaced Agricola's photo disc of his SUBARMALIS. He did a super job!

But, I have a few teaser pics at hand...

#1 is the body of the subarmalis. In this photo it's incomplete... but so far: It's been handsewn, quilted in a diamond pattern. Linen with a wool core... 2 layers of a felted wool blanket.

#2 is the shoulder pattern he settled on. It gets sewn on the outside, on top of the shoulder. Note that the edging is binded.

#3 is the pile of felted wool he wanted to use as padding inside the shoulder pad in pic #2. He ended up reducing it by half. The left side is the shoulder point, the right side is towards the neck.. and its upside down. The goal is to create a flatter shoulder top profile

#4 A closeup of one of the tie closures. Hand made braided cordage... and it's all handsewn

[Image: LegIXHspa.subarmalis.001AGR.jpg] ... 002AGR.jpg ... 003AGR.jpg ... 004AGR.jpg

We'll post up more links to more pics when we can.

How it changes how the seg fits and functions is good!
For linen, can it be red linen? Smile
I don't think there would be any problem in making the subarmalis whatever color you wanted to. If your tunic is the same color as the linen subarmalis, it might make a better visual appearance. With hamata, of course, you see through the rings. With segmentata, it doesn't really matter.

Back to the older question, since none exist, but we know they had them, it's up for anybody's guess what they really looked like.
Width of the pteryges? 5 cm?
More on Tib Nemonicus Agricola's subarmalis

Correction: The shoulder pad contains a few layers of felted wool. The shoulder of the "vest" is padded with some of the tapered layers of wool.

In the following pics you'll see the nearly finished garment. The shoulder pads are simply tacked in place until he is fully satisfied with their locations. That's why they are kind of off place in the pics.

When he's settled on the best location they'll be more securely sewn in place.

Notice that it rides a bit high on the neck in back. More comfy that way

The entire garment is handsewn. ... is.005.jpg ... is.006.jpg ... is.007.jpg

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