Full Version: Successors and Ancient India
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I am thinking of working on a Successors scenario for Imperium and am considering to extend the scenario into India (this being a period of as much turmoil in India as it was in the Hellenistic world with the first unified Indian empire becoming established).

Most of the easily available literature up here does not deal properly with the Indian world and authors on this period tend to deal with them quite cursorily. Can anyone recommend some good sources on this subject; i.e., the ancient Indians under the Nanda and Maurya dynasties and the middle kingdoms?
I think there isn't such a book. The main outline is more or less established, but the details are not known, and will not be known, as the Indians did not record them. Romilla Thapar's Early India (2002) is fine but I see no way to go be more detailed.
Thanks Jona, I'll take a look at that. For a game, things being a little vague is not a big problem. Big Grin

The key issue is to be able to provide enough background (places, names, etc) to make the setting recognizable.