Full Version: 9/11
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[Image: ground_zero.jpg]
This photo was made at Ground Zero by a friend of mine, two years ago. A proud flag, a cross, houses - a desolate scene, representing not only the desolation and lack of trust that still haunts us today, but also the will of America to continue.

Some of us, RomanArmy members, have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish to say that I am grateful; it is your labor over there that keeps us safe.
Agree 100%
I've offered beers to a few US soldiers from Afganistan. Proud to shake their hands and pleased to see they appreciated it.
Let's hope we all remember what happened, and what the needed response is. Time numbs people's thinking, and having been waked up, we just roll over and go back to sleep far too often.

More US people died that day than at Pearl Harbor at the beginning of WW2 (for the US involvement, that is--the war in Europe had already begun, of course.)