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Yer, and Saxons went to US too! :lol:

Perhaps this explains a little better this :roll: :

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Hmmm. I can't find any East Clevelands in the US on Google, but plenty in the UK. Typo error methinks (as usual in this day and age with the over reliance on spell checkers) :roll:
There are several Clevelands in the US, but afaik, none are on the coast. I'm with you, Jim, spell check/grammar check programs are not always the same usefullness as a proofreader's eye.
Quote:Typo error methinks
I'm not certain: the error is made twice.
Give an infinite number of chimpanzees spell checkers, and they're bound to do that Shakespeare thing consistently with the wrong words, throughout :wink:
Further proof the editor may be the local village idiot: ... _in_field/

East Cleveland is near Redcar.

But there's an East Cleveland in Ohio. Maybe that's the one? :twisted:
Cleveland OH is closer by a thousand miles to Lake Michigan than the Atlantic, though. Usually the edge of a lake is called the shore, the edge of the ocean is called the coast. Oh, well. Even if the Romans had gotten to the US mainland, it's unlikely they'd have made it all the way to Ohio without leaving considerable evidence between there and the Atlantic seaboard, imho.

Vikings in Newfoundland? I think so. Romans? Nope.
There is also that old story about Roman amphorae being found off Brazil. Here is an old (1985) story from the New York Times about it.

Basically, the claim was some amphorae were found. The theory was that a Roman ship had been blown off course, and someone or other stated that the amphorae were traced to northwest Africa.

At one point I read a great article detailing the claims and all the mistakes made by the theory's proponents, but I can't find it now.
Quote:Romans? Nope.
That's too fast; of course Mr Sherlock's find is from Britian and this article is a mistake. But there is this one little, tantalizing find from Mexico: a terracotta of a bearded head. Had it been found in Spain, we would have called it Jupiter. The Aztecs didn't know terracotta, and beards are rare in pre-Columbian art. The discovery was reported in a real scientific journal. I think it is not excluded that a Roman cargo ship accidentally reached the Americas. What that means, I do not know.
I remember reading somewhere that the Spanish took along some of their own private collections of ancient artefacts. They couldn't exactly look at them from across the Atlantic. Might be contamination of a find spot with a more modern owned piece?
Roman ships weren't Viking longboats, or Spanish galleons, and it's not likely there would be enough fresh water for a crew to cross to Mexico or South America, but hey, who knows?
Quote:I remember reading somewhere that the Spanish took along some of their own private collections of ancient artefacts.
That's one of the hypotheses put forward to "explain it away". I understand from what I read (several years ago) that the report of Hristov -who had the same idea at first- rules out that possibility. The find comes from a site that was apparently closed before the arrival of Columbus.
Quote:Roman ships weren't Viking longboats, or Spanish galleons, and it's not likely there would be enough fresh water for a crew to cross to Mexico or South America
Of course the people didn't have to arrive. One empty ship, perhaps even a wreck, is sufficient.

Gaius Decius Aquilius

Romans in Cleveland... I remembered something from grad school about that... The hushed conversation quickly denied by any mainstream Archaeologist that is part of the conspiracy to cover the Truth up. Of course I was never told why there has been this long standing world wide conspiracy, but we all had to take the Oath of Secrecy, you know.

I remembered the secret room of the campus library, but how to get to the hidden documents? I came up with a plan. I went to the dump and found and old stained tweed jacket and a torn pair of pants. I did not shave or take a bath for three days. I pulled an old plaid cap down over my face and shuffle led onto campus, knowing I would be mistaken for a Physics or English Literature professor, or a street bum. No one noticed me as I went to the library.

As I expected, this being a campus library, I saw very few students, with only a couple of undergrads making out in the stacks, and a few sleeping graduate students. There were, of course, no tenured faculty, as they are never found on campus. I saw a few frumpy or anemic looking librarians milling around citing library rules to each other in nasal voices. I quickly took off my disguise, and appeared with an El Che t-shirt, and a fake beard. I cried out: "There is a rogue faculty member out there advocating deductive reasoning and conclusions based on evidence and not Politically Correct a priori assumptions!" The students and library staff gasped in horror. I then said, "Redistribution of commodities by equality of the proletarian social order circumventing the bourgeousrist ambitions of the capitalist state will inevitably lead to the establishment of a classless state by spontaneous revolution brought about the collective will!" I then pointed towards the door. All the occupants of the library ran out the door and found some hapless student who did not have a heavy metal t-shirt while riding a skateboard. The mob descended on him. I had now a few minutes.

I the made my way to the secret room where the documents I wanted were kept. Quickly blowing the dust off the piles of papers I found the one I wanted, written by a certain Dr. I. Jones. I grabbed them and went out the back way to a dumpster where I had hidden my next disguise. I quickly put on a pin striped suit and stuffed the papers in a baby seal skin briefcase. I walked briskly from the direction of the Business School talking into a cell phone pretending to give condescending advise on insider trading and energy futures speculation. I got into a large Hummer sized limo and drove off forcing a vegetarian looking woman wearing about 30 lbs. of beads and a large straw hat to fall off her bicycle.

Now the difficult part of the journey begins. The next stop? Where else but Roswell, New Mexico. The journal will continue...

Ralph (last initial deleted for fear of being found out)
Just wait until some hapless future archaeologist uncovers the remains of Fort Lafe in the US and the lost bits and pieces of roman and Celtic kit lost there during annual events .........
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