Full Version: Google Earth bookmarks Rome
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This is a little experiment. If you click here, you can download a little file with some 170 Google Earth bookmarks of ancient Rome. If you have Google Earth installed, put this file on your desktop, click on it, and things ought to start automatically. Enjoy.

I hope it works; I have a larger file with more than 1000 books from the Antonine Wall to Volubilis and from Napata to Alexandria Eschate, but that will be made available later.
yeah, it works ... thanks for sharing, Jona.

at some place, the map is virtually littered with markers now ... Smile
Quote:yeah, it works
Thanks for the feedback!
This is great! It's rather funny, because this past weekend I was using Google Earth to try to find things in Herculaneum. I thought what a good idea it would be to mark places of interest, and here it has already been started.

I'll be interested in seeing the larger file too.

(And if you have an idea where in the world the Villa of the Papyri is, I would love to know! :wink: )