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Now, I think the time is ripe to follow our celtic brothers. Show your best impressions of any period as long as it is of ancient germanic culture.

I do my very best to start:
[Image: ChasuGhandi2.jpg]
To begin with, the shield and sword are made and owned by W. Bodensteiner . Weaponry (from Großromstedt, Thuringia, urn burial site) and belt (Putensen, Lower Saxony, urn burial site) suggest a relative rich warrior dating shortly after 0 AD.
The sword is of "Mittelgermanische Sondergruppe"- type with copper alloy sheath, 3-part bone grip (interpretation) and bar formed chape. Carrying straps use hooks and rings. Pictural evidence suggest a kind of balteus.
The shield is fully edged with iron, the body sandwiched with linen, painted with casein colours and has a rodded boss, held with 6 ball shaped rivets. The shild form is interpretaion of remains of the straight shaped iron edges.
The lance (thrusting spear) head is short and slightly rhombical in section and the throwing spear is barbed like the later ango(n), but very much shorter.
The belt is of "8" - type, having a long frame shaped in that way. The four bar shaped strap ends seem to copy roman cingulum.
Clothing follows various shapes and technique of northern german bog finds, more or less of that period.
A suebian knot is a sign of free men and recorded for this period.


Very impressive as usual Robert! Big Grin

Any chance of you posting details (close-ups) of the sword?
Thanks, Adrian,

I should open a thread about german swords one day. Beside this I´ll look in my archives...

Well, I will be the first to admit that my kit is not nearly as researched as Robert's, but I am slowly working on it. Here's a picture taken at Festivus Legionus 2007 in Clarksville, TN. The Romans were out marching, so I was relaxing against my shield. (^_^)

[Image: barbariancaptured.jpg]

My kit consists of a tunic, trousers, a shield, a sword, two belts, a spear, bag shoes, leg wraps, and a couple of belt pouches. I also wear a wood and bone bead necklace with a celtic cross pendant that looks to me like a sun wheel.
Nice one, Almaric!

What Period do you want to cover?

Well, Legio V Alaudae portrays 1st century AD legionnaires, so I am aiming for the same time period.
Nice impressions, guys Big Grin ! This is very interesting, give us more!
Great idea! I've made the thread a 'sticky'. Big Grin
[Image: opfermoor.jpg]

Just an impression to catch the feeling of the barbaric land.
A simply organic Warrior.
Bone lance tip, Marx Etzel Tunic, Dätgen trousers.
Photo was taken this year in the Opfermoor Oberdorla.
[Image: Funckenburg.jpg]

Second one, earlier and colder this year, at the Funckenburg.
The same trouser but now with “puttisâ€
[Image: germani3.jpg]
[Image: germani2.jpg]
[Image: germani13.jpg]

The use of clubs and cudgels in battle is attested by the Trajan's column.
The black war-painting by Tacitus, in his "Germania".
A bit silly.... Sad ( (
Quote:A bit silly.... Sad ( (

Ehemmm...what you mean?
Excuse me for saying what I think, I am not being rude but I think it looks like theres been little effort in your presented impressions.
Well, Tim, let's see your impressions, then, if you don't mind.

I thought the only lack might be decorations on the shields, but by now perhaps that's been done? In the time period depicted, the Germanics were pretty metal poor, and clubs and axes would not be uncommon at all. A good swipe from a club could certainly crack a head and put a big dent in a helmet, or break a forearm bone. Even some of the Roman auxilia were called "club men".
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