Full Version: Show here your Germanic warrior impression
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Hi there,i've just come across the image of your"gear"and i was honestly knocked off my feet Confusedhock: ,what a wonderful interpretation,it sure puts mine to shame,in fact,i now feel the need to make a new tunic :wink: ,all the best and Wassail.
Thanks again,
here's a tunic I made for a friend:
[Image: Tunikafertigsmall.jpg]

Details and background for the "reconstruction work" can be found on (click on "handwerk" and follow the link to my article on the "Tunika nach Isola Rizza"). It's in German, if You want anything translated, just ask
Servus Andreas!

Very nice homepage, BTW!
And your stuff, of course!

Awesome kit Mate......oddly fits in wit h a dream I had last night.... :o
Nice work, Andreas and good HP :-) )
Hailsa Andreas

Excellent tunics and embroidery work, good luck with your other projects
which if they are of a similair standard will be a pleasure to see. Smile

Dave Huggins

a member of
Ulfhednar England
Jorvik Vikingr
My ipression. Picture made on our training, about four or five weeks ago.

[Image: dsc00184kopia2eu7.jpg]
Markomanian wars. Maby somewhere in Noricum?
Servus Tiro,

I like the setting for the picture, as it gives a dramatic touch.

I can't really make out the details of Your kit, but as far as I can tell it certainly "feels" right.


Nice one, Razoslav!
My friend Renatus and I this weekend at a little event in lower austria.
May the markomannian or quadian tribesmen at the Maroboduus-era north the danube meeting the morava in north-eastern Austria or Quadii of the Vannius-era in northern Burgenland at the Leitha-mountains near Carnuntum.

This days it was could and rainy so I wear a second, thicker sagum under my nice looking one and calf packings.

[Image: IMG_0018.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0020.JPG]

Renatus represants a man of higher social ranking, because of this he wears a sword which I think there are eight or nine findings in markomannian-quadian area of this time.

[Image: IMG_0061.JPG]

lg Stephan
Wonderful impressions. Do you have a picture of that sword. I'm much interested in the look of it. Nice shields also.
At this moment you can only see here two other photos of the drawn sword: [urlConfusedjdbtu7z][/url]

May I can try to get close impressions this weekend.
Thanks, that picture is clear enough.
Hi Stephan,

nice pics you little poser! :wink: :o o o
:twisted: 8)

lg Stephan
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