Full Version: Show here your Germanic warrior impression
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Quote:I thought the only lack might be decorations on the shields, but by now perhaps that's been done?

Nope, but for a specific reason: in particular we would like to take inspiration from the Harii tribe, that Tacitus depicts in the "Germania" writing:

"nigra scuta, tincta corpora" = "with shields and bodies painted in black"

Actually I don't understand what in our work can be described as "silly"... without any doubt we have some lacks (who don't?), but as for III B.C. Celtic reenacting that we practice since 2001, for the I-II A.D. Germanic reenacting we would like to be as precise as possible...
I don't think it silly at all. And you're right, not a single one of us has it exactly correct, but we make effort in that direction. I applaud your efforts and your interest in keeping as close to the known descriptions as you have. There's no rule that says the rawhide must be trimmed exactly smooth...I think what you've done is really good work!

Still waiting on your pictures, Tim. :?:
Quote:Excuse me for saying what I think, I am not being rude but I think it looks like theres been little effort in your presented impressions.

Effort? Making one's own equipment opposed to buying ready made gear
from commercial companies qualifies as a great deal of effort in my view.
Will the Romans will be any less dead killed with rough made weapons as pretty finally finished and painted ones? Smile
If you would care to read some of my previous posts you WILL see I have made quite a bit.
Quote:you WILL see I have made quite a bit
I don't doubt it, Tim. It just seemed odd and inappropriate to belittle the efforts of others, at least to me. Everybody starts with no gear and moves up the ladder from there. Those who have been doing things for years and years, and are blessed with disposable income to acquire more get there faster. The rest of us have to move more slowly. Hopefully, with no false starts or incorrect purchases, we won't waste too much of our effort and time.

It is almost always a better tack to congratulate those who take the step of getting some kit together than to tell them it was silly to do whatever it was that they did. Do you have a Germanic impression? I'm sure we'd all like to see what you've made.
[Image: Kleidung2.jpg]

(Far from what I would like it to be...)
...My interpretation of a "Baiuware" AD 600-620.
The Tunic is based on the "Isola Rizza" silver dish (dated ca. 600AD), the trousers are leather and follow the Thorsberg cut, belt fittings are still "generic" but will soon be replaced by actual reproductions, same as seax and sword-belt-fittings.
Spatha is ring-hilt-type and the scabbard is an interpretation based on a find from Austria.
Wow Confusedhock: ! Excellent impression, Andreas!
It sitll looks good!
Welcome Baiuware!
Brilliant outfit!
Beautiful! It's awesome that you have based your kit on so many artifacts! Big Grin roll:
Thank You for the kind words!

Here's the rest of my family:
[Image: PEG-08-01.jpg]
Aw, its a cute German baby!!
Quote:[Image: Kleidung2.jpg]

Yes besides the fact dat I don't know anything about this period, I do like this impresion very much.
Quote:Thank You for the kind words!

Here's the rest of my family:
[Image: PEG-08-01.jpg]

...and these impressions I like to...
Wow Looks GREAT the whole family . 8)
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