Full Version: Show here your Germanic warrior impression
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Quote:Matt said: To make a piece 6 foot wide by 8 foot long took a mile of drop spun yarn.

Using the formula for computing weaving based on 12 threads per inch, double ply thread, that's about what I came up with, too. That's a heckuva lot of wool. Many hours of standing and holding that arm up for the drop spindle.

And did you realize it takes a pound of wool to make a pound of fabric?? Confusedhock: :lol:
I have been looking into the creation of a Germanic impression, and I want to thank you all for posting these inspiring images!

Has anyone got any recommendations for readings that are informative on the broad aspects of Germanic tribal life in the 3rd Century or so?
I don't know if it's just me, but I don't see any pictures.
I must agree there is a picture?
Granted, on this page, (eight) of the thread, there are no images posted. However, if you go to the previous page I see quite a few and so on.

Excellent recreations among the Germanic enthusiasts, btw.

Just to keep the thread jogging along I've added some images of our group Wulfheodenas during some recent work.

I appreciate the Vendel Period is beyond the scope of the forum but still worth sharing I thought

best Igvar
Dave, I love your pictures of your group! You guys are doing some excellent impressions! My Germanic kit is rapidly nearing completion, so I will be able to post some pictures of it as well. Currently I am working on my shield.
Thanks for the kind words Dan. We continue to develop our impressions and I look forward to seeing your own.

[Image: DSC_0790.JPG]

Harjis [Haarees] ("Black Watch" ;-) ) officer protects Lugian Iron, 2nd century AD (post Christum natum)...

Ironroots, The city of Starachowice, Heart of Poland, 2011.
Very nice impression! If you're representing the Harii, you might want to try some of the black warpaint (I made some my mixing lard and charcoal dust). It works well, but there is a little bit of shine off the grease. I'm still looking for the actual recipie for making Harii warpaint. I've heard that it may have had pitch in it, but that would make it sticky and horrible to get off again.
We use to make warpaint... for battle.

[Image: 1284.JPG]

It isn't real historical Harjis paint, but it's easy to painting and easy to clean Wink

Look at our Facebook gallery if you want to see more Harjis warpaint.
Just to add to Ingvar's post and to crave everyone indulgence a little further -- there is a short video made by Tamworth Castle to advertise the Wulfheodenas presence there in August to support the exhibition of some of the Staffordshire Hoard in the castle.

I would like to show you my topical 1 century Germanic representation.

I have selected to me a grave once more and tries to reconstruct it.

I have selected the Sueben/Markomannen urn grave 78 from the graveyard of Diersheim from Baden-Württemberg.
The exact time of my representation is 70 A.D. So middle the second half 1 Jhdt.

As referenz served me the publication on the graveyard from Rolf Nierhaus .
"Rolf Nierhaus, Das Swebische Gräberfeld von Diersheim" Römisch-Germanische Forschungen von De Gruyter

[Image: Diers1.JPG]
[Image: Diers3.JPG]
[Image: Diers2.jpg]
Excellent Renger.

This is AWESOME. Most of my re-enactment exposure has been with Revolutionary War American and American Civil War people. But you guys look like you stepped right out of Beowulf!

Wonder why there have been no posts here for two months?
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