Full Version: Show here your Germanic warrior impression
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[Image: SG1L4887.JPG]

merovingian Meal
Marle (France) August 2010
Great image Christian!
Quote:Great image Christian!

Ditto ,great candid shot
"Good ole boyz" from eastern woods. No armour, no gold, no mercy...

Roman citizen! Go to Germania, your waggon is already there!
No comments - popular, ancient stereotype joke ;-) ) .

Second century p.Ch.n. - Breaking News! Notorious black warriors - Harii pay a visit in a quiet Marcomanic village (or are they inside the Cotini stronghold?).
Metal artifacts based on findings from Poland. Shield shape - based on findings of shield-miniatures from Siemiechow (Near the city of Lodz, Central Poland). Other - after Tacitus, bog-findings, Column of Marcus Aurelius.
Great job Germanics! You guys are catching up to the Celtic impression thread Confusedhock:

Very well done everyone.
This is me and my family.
We are members of re-enacting group form Rzeszow (Rzeszów) in Poland, we re-enact German people from second half of second century in central Germania, archeological it well by Przeworsk Culture.
Good Job sir! I can't tell, was that mail plundered from Romans or is it Germanic make. Also, one thing that Romans underestimate is the ability of a short, hard, pointy Germanic spear. Beware the pointy sticks, all Germany based Legions, Beware! :lol:

This spear is not short :wink: , javelin yeas spear not Big Grin .
Very nice pics, DenWer Big Grin !
Wonderful pictures!!

Andreas, may I download your pictures and publish on my blog? I obviously would name you...

Best wishes,

Just visiting this thread after several months away from the boards. Can't believe nobody commented on the Sutton Hoo kit! Looks gorgeous.
@ any mod:

Is it possible to have this thread "sticky" again?



As I don't know the blog I can't answer right now. Why don't You send me the link and I will get back to You when I have seen where the pics are supposed to be published..

Hi Gandhi

I ask you a question. You set your sword (mittelgermanische Sondergruppe) on the belt, but these swords can they not attached to a baldric ? How can we know?

Thanks you
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