Full Version: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!! ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!




Excellent! :twisted:
"...close your ships to boarding range and then control your men as they fight hand to hand above and below decks."

(Drooling, Homer Simpson-like)
Oooh yeah! Time to refight great-granddads battle and clobber more Brits! (sorry) Big Grin
Hey Dutchie! watch it!

what a battle that was.....

but compared to the stealing of HMS flagship by de Ruyters troops its ah well....

also nice....


True, that was more spectacular, but we needed someone to beat the English, just for once. They got all the prizes otherwise, despite the fact that they were occupied in America.
But actually, this whole thread has nothing to do with Roman gaming, so I'm moving it to OT.
Good new!

But i hope a totally finished and tested game for the final version. I don't want to be downloading 4 or 5 patches of 800 Mb each one, like in medieval 2. If graphics are great, but i hope other aspects of the game to be ok too. It won't be a total war like rome or medieval, the game will change.

Anyway I will wait for the gold edition with the expansion Big Grin
Any ideas on system requirements? Might be cool to start a league when the game comes out....Smile
Nice!! Big Grin
Hopefully, they will update Rome total war one day, and make these features available , and a broadening of seige and fieldworks etc.... :roll:
I feel these games aren't nearly as cool once everyone uses projectile weapons. I feel there's far less strategy involved.
true, and well, adding real siege ramps and the nessecary time to build them would be a great improvement!

The videos are awesome, but it won't look like that on a middle-range computer...
Even if this post makes me very disliked on these forums :lol: Cry , I must say that Total War new titles become very much attractive when it has passed a time since it has been released and the first mods (generally better than the original) begin to thrive.

Anyway, pics and videos are cool Big Grin .
oh yea, ships...
i wonder what are the land battles going to be like, better not get boring like RTW
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