Full Version: Legionary brick stamps
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Does anyone have a link to site were I can see collection of legionary, IIII Flavia for example, brick stamps? <p></p><i></i>
The short answer is no, I do not have a link. But I was on a fantastic website a couple of weeks ago which gave details of every legionnary tile stamp known through Europe with photos. A great resource which I did not bookmark (to my regret! Google fails me now!) <p></p><i></i>
look here:<br><br>
there is a link to roman brick stamps<br>
ciao <p></p><i></i>
Even though it shows no pictures, this site does give a great description of the different roman coins from the republican era all the way to the end of the western roman empire. It also gives information about the size, weight, and value of a numerous coins from the roman age.[url=" target="top][/url] <p>THERE IS NO VICTORY WITHOUT DEFEAT, AND THERE IS NO DEFEAT WITHOUT VICTORY</p><i></i>
Not a site, but perhaps a usefull resource:<br>
Ulrich Brandl. Untersuchungen zu den Ziegelstempeln Röm. Legionen in den nordwestlichen Provinze des Imperium Romanum. Rahden, 1999.<br>
I hope you understand German.<br>
Hans <p></p><i></i>