Full Version: What movies do you watch over and over?
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What movies do you have in your collection that you re-watch over and over? Or TV shows?

Here's ten of mine:

1. HBO Band of Brothers
2. LoTR - all 3
3. Indianna Jones - first 3
4. Underworld 1 & 2
6. Back to the Future - all 3
7. Star Wars - All 6
8. Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan
9. The Matrix
10. The Last Samurai
You hit a lot that I have.

Lord of the Rings-extended versions

Saving Private Ryan

Band of Brothers

Star Wars (2-6)-I can not stand Jar Jar Binks

Seasons 1-3 of the New Battle Star Galactica as well as the Mini Series

Underworld 1&2-Kate looks great!!

Blue Max

Outlaw Josey Wales


Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon

We Were Soldiers Once, and Young

Oh and for German films:

Das Boot and Metropolis

I am sure I am missing a few,
LoTR, all three, plus extras.

Spirited Away


Twelve Angry Men (I can do most of the dialogue by heart)

Simon Schama's History of Britain (don't tell me it isn't fiction)



The Hunt for Red October

That's about it, really. I'm hoping to add a few more, but most fantasy and historical stuff recently has disappointed me. 'The Walking Castle' could qualify, I love Ghibli studios.

Band of Brothers,

We were Soldiers Once, And Young


Fifth Element

Troy(despite the Irish Accents :lol: )

Thin Red Line
American films:

-Raging Bull
-Blade Runner
-Alien (first two)
-The Thing
-Duellists (english? Ridley Scott)
-Lord of War
-Gladiator (just for the effort)

How about a list of the most overrated films in your opinion?
Alien, predator and Blade Runner , of course :roll:
Quote:Alien, predator and Blade Runner , of course :roll:

Oh yes, I forgot Predator! A very underrated, cool creature!!
Bladerunner - enough said:

Highlander - Superb film:

Went the Day Well - a little-known English film from WW2 about German paras taking over an English village prior to invasion. Surprisingly dark!

Overrrated film = ET: I can't stand the rubbery little %$£**%£ (insert own swear word!).
mine are:

-The Goodfather (the three ones, but the first is the best)
-The lord of the rings extended versions
-Predator and Terminator 2
-Heat (with al pacino and robert de niro, and other movies by Michael Mann)
-Master and commander

and many others, but I think

EDIT: oh yes, I forgot a french movie called "The Visitors" with Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. The Hunt for Red October was my favourite when I was a child!
Me personally i watch anything with some,good hard combat in it.Up there are.
Band of Brothers(love that carentan episode, cool).
Saving Private Ryan(great intro and finish).
The Lord of The Rings(do i have to explain!).
Rome now and again.
Gladiator(officially addicted).

Hey sonic is went the day well,the one with Michael Caine in it.Thought it was ok.
Quote:Went the Day Well - a little-known English film from WW2 about German paras taking over an English village prior to invasion. Surprisingly dark!

Isnt that called ''The Eagle has landed?'' Where the germans landed to try and assassinate Churchill? Or is that a different film?
Der Himmel über Berlin: I went to the cinema fourteen times already. It's splendid, but if you haven't seen it: realize that the end (a long monologue) needs to be seen twice, that it is unbearable on TV, and that the Hollywood remake is no substitute, and confirms all European prejudices against Hollywood. Usually I like Hollywood, but City of Angels is the worst crime against good taste of the second millennium.

And of course Apocalypse Now, no explanation needed. Again, it doesn't work on TV.
The Princess Bride
Fiddler on the Roof
It's a Wonderful Life (at Christmas)
Nobody's Fool

Gaius Decius Aquilius

duplicate post removed... duplicate post are no doubt the work of alien invaders

Gaius Decius Aquilius

Seven Samurai
Throne Of Blood (best armour, including where two main characters ride full tilt through the fog lost in Spiderweb Forrest IMHO is one of the best scenes ever filmed.)
Kagemusha (good armour)
Gate Of Hell
(These are to be seen with less than four beers.)

Samurai Banners (lots and lots of armour)
Heaven & Earth ( lots of armour)
(On these last two, I have a vague connection with the Murakami clan. Watch for the sashimono with the character "Jo". I have watched these in full samurai armour. Four sake or more films.)

Hannibal (1960)
(These are four glasses of wine or more flicks)

Edit: I have no ida why my post appeared twice, and in quotes but I will fix that

R. Izard
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