Full Version: Zea Harbour Project - cool 3d reconstruction
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This video has to be the coolest thing I've seen since... I can't tell. It shows triremes on the sea, and how they were stored in their ship sheds.
Not on my 'pooter it don't??!!
Really cool 3d reconstruction indeed. Very impressive to see.
Wow! Really interesting video. I wonder if it really looked like that? Reminds me a lot of cold war bunkers and sub pens lol...
It seems really accurate,and very good graphics. Thanks for sharing Susanne! The fleet waiting the Persians in the pass of Salamis would also be cool 8)
Looks very nice!
The music is great too!
Kind regards
By the way, this music would be great if someone would make a film basing on Xenophon's Anabasis.
I can really imagine a scene: 10000 Mercenaries marching out of their first camp, and heading towards Babylon..............
Ahhhh, its a pitty that no one plans such a film......
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As one of the members of the Zea Harbour Project and primary makers of the movie, I will say thanks for the noble words abort the movie.

The movie is students work including my self and was made for the visit of the Danish royal queen in Athens may 2006.

The computer model is made on the archaeological find and therefore very close to represent how the naval harbour had been like. It’s very certain that there has been about 196 shipheds in the harbour during the fourth century BC. So it has been an impressive construction.
For more information visit:

The movie is made by 6650 frames (25f/sec.) and took 15 computers 12-18 hours to complete.

Best regards

Brian Klejn-Christensen
Architect at Zea Harbour Project and one of the makers of the 3d movie.
Brian, congratulations, the movie clip is spectacular.

thanks for posting and welcome to RAT.

My only critique is that the video is very hard to find on the site. The link deserves to be on the main page. Big Grin
That was a cool video you made, Brian. How much did you guys spend on it?
nicely done! It was cool to see a part of my city as it was :wink: